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Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life of children and young adults within our community by creating a nurturing, stable and culturally diverse family environment, encouraging youth with emotional, behavioral, and/or learning disabilities to become effective, and contributing adults in all aspect of their lives.

How We Do It

Outside the Ring Champions Foundation uses established and proven evidence based programs with fidelity to focus on the child as a whole incorporating physical fitness, social skills, and, oral reading and literacy.

Who We Are

OUTSIDE THE RING CHAMPIONS FOUNDATION is dedicated to providing the youth of communities in need with the resources to nourish the seeds of success in education by providing families with a safe haven for their children and an environment that encourages learning and gives each individual child the tools to become a champion in every facet of life.


OUTSIDE THE RING CHAMPIONS FOUNDATION is a Community Sports Based Youth Development Organization (SBYD) whose purpose is to support afterschool, summer camp, youth mentoring, community organizations and many other types of curriculum that support the development of the youth of today and lighten the burden of struggling families.


OUTSIDE THE RING CHAMPIONS FOUNDATION is dedicated to the development of education and athletic potential of the youth in the community. We are establishing a field to fill the needs of youth development to provide children from diverse backgrounds and of various financial means an opportunity to maintain interest in school and keep them connected to their community.


OUTSIDE THE RING CHAMPIONS FOUNDATION aims to pioneer, develop, and continuously be on the cutting edge of youth development in the country.

What We Do

Outside the Ring Champions Foundation supports youth development through the use of sports  to improve the lives of children in the South Florida area.­


Outside the Ring Champions Foundation provides children and families with an opportunity to understand, train, and enjoy all the aspects that build a healthy body and mind in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.


We seek to build a Positive spirit, mind and body through character-building activities that strengthen

a child's sense of self-confidence, self-respect and responsibility.  


We work hard in the community to give all our children the tools to become successful members of society utilizing cutting edge technology to advance their education.